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 Arrival of the Ambassador of the German Kingdom

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Data d'iscrizione : 2014-10-09
Località : German Kingdom

PostSubject: Arrival of the Ambassador of the German Kingdom   Thu Oct 09, 2014 6:33 pm

Daalin was finally able to visit Venice, time was nowadays a expensive gift.
Stepping out of the Carriage the woman enjoyed her view.
The simple dress, dark red with some black ornaments, has stayed in place for the short travel from her accommodation and a silent prayer went unheard from her lips.
She really didn’t need more drama than the fact she was visiting for the first time.
And a misplaced dress was one of these unnecessary dramas.
She took some small steps to the nearest guard.
Would you please announce my arrival to the right person? “, she asked one of the guards.
I will wait...“, not that she run away or something like that.
She nearly forgot. „Well, you might want to know my name and my destination.
Daalin von Massenberg, ambassador of the German Kingdom, area for responsibility is Venice.
And I’m apparently visiting Venice.

A small smile was set on her face, a small joke was never wrong and she began to wait.
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Arrival of the Ambassador of the German Kingdom
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